A self-described country girl at heart, Kat Rose prefers a non-urban lifestyle that includes her dog and her horse, baking and reading. She took creative writing at university and now makes her living in the health care field. Her novels stress the importance of hard work and perseverence. In The Loss, a 25-year-old dreamer, Ryleigh Carter, struggles to maintain a positive attitude after the break-up of a romance. Building It Up recounts how two friends, Jensen Owens and Autumn Miller, must learn to cope in the aftermath of a tragedy. A Father's Daughter describes the protagonist's dutiful need to help her younger sister who is forced to live with their estranged father Jack.

"When I step back and really evaluate my life and choices, quite often some of the best moments in my life did not start out as easy," Rose says. "They placed me down roads I did not care to go down initially. I have fallen, I have cried out in frustration, but you know what? It all turned out okay in the end. I got back up, dusted myself off and pressed forward. It's so easy to get lost in the sorrow, but we can't get stuck there. Shake it off, take a deep breath, and place one foot in front of the other. Nothing remains the same forever."


The Loss (Createspace / Red Tuque 2015) 978-1515174868 $13.99, 251 pages, 6x9

Building It Up (Createspace / Red Tuque 2015) 978-1517061401 $12.99, 219 pages, 6x9

A Father's Daughter (Createspace / Red Tuque 2016)


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