Born in Alberta's Swan Valley, dutchie [no capital] Rutledge-Mathison of Maple Ridge, B.C. once returned to the north to teach first graders at Dawson Creek. She recalls her rural childhood in Wild Roses: Memories of a Homesteader's Daughter (Hancock House 2007). According to her publisher: "Born one of twins in an isolated farmhouse in Alberta's Swan Valley, dutchie Rutledge-Mathison is among the last of Canada's homesteading generation. She married at seventeen and lived with her husband, an airman, in England for three years before they returned to live in northern Canada. In 1965 dutchie moved to Vancouver with her two children so she could attend Simon Fraser University, while her husband continued to work in northern British Columbia. Upon graduation dutchie rejoined her husband in the north, where she taught school."

[BCBW 2008] "Kidlit"