Trevor Salloum studied music with Cuban master drummers Changuito, Enrique Pla, Roberto Vizcaiáo, José Eladio Amat and the groups Cutumba and Los Muáequitos de Matanzas. He made several trips to Cuba and studied at the prestigious Escuela Nacional de Arte in Havana in addition to music schools in Santiago and Guantanamo. Salloum has played music professionally in Canada and the United States for over 25 years. He has performed with Pat Labarbera, Armando Peraza, Alex Acuáa, Jane Bunnett, Campbell Ryga, Ross Taggart, Brad Turner, Dee Daniels, Tommy Banks and Ian McDougall. Having taught percussion in the U.S. and Canada for more than twenty years, he has produced Fun with Bongos/CD, The Bongo Book/CD, Bongo Drumming: Beyond the Basics/CD, Afro-Latin Polyrhythms/CD, Afro-Cuban Rhythms Vol. 1 & 2, The Art Of Bongo Drumming DVD and School of Bongo.

In 2011, Salloum has completed his fourth bongo book/CD and tenth publication with Mel Bay Publications Inc. to explore a variety of bongo drumming patterns in contemporary music. The text displays over 300 rhythms in jazz, blues, rock, R&B, reggae, bossa nova and samba. Rhythm patterns are also demonstrated on audio CD and audio downloads.

He touts his book, The Conga and Bongo Drum in Jazz (2016), written with Bobby Sanabria, as the first book ever published on how to play the conga and bongo drum in jazz. "This text is an essential tool for band teachers and drummers playing Latin Percussion in jazz with special emphasis on swing." It includes chapters on history, description, tuning, position/posture, notation, strokes, rhythms, etc. Complete with photos, interviews, music transcriptions and video links. Special features include archival photos, a rare interview with legendary jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell, companion video with Candido and Bobby Sanabria and "the most comprehensive discography ever complied on the use of conga and bongo drums in jazz with over 100 listings" including Candido, Ray Barretto, Armando Peraza, Willie Bobo, Jack Costanzo, Luis Miranda, Patato Valdez, Willie Rodriguez, Tata Güines and many more.

DATE OF BIRTH: Oct 5, 1955



BIBLIOGRAPHY: All Published by Mel Bay Publications:

The Conga and Bongo Drum in Jazz 2016 0-7866-9802-0. $19.99 USD
First Lessons Conga $9.99 U.S. 2012
School of Bongo $19.99 U.S.
Afro-Cuban Rhythms Vol.1 2004 ISBN 0-7866-7253-6
Afro-Cuban Rhythms Vol.2 2004 ISBN 0-7866-7254-4
Afro-Latin Polyrhythms 2001 ISBN 0-7866-5422-8
Bongo Drumming 2000 ISBN 0-7866-4384-6
Fun with Bongos 1999 ISBN 0-7866-4738-8
The Bongo Book 1997 ISBN 0-7866-2071-4

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