Fantasy and SF fan Heather Sander is an elementary school counselor in Victoria who started writing stories for her children and hasn't stopped. "I haunted the public library as a child," she says, "and I still read children's books every chance I get." In volume one of her Robbie Packford series, Robbie saves the planet Kerbosky from its own robots. In the follow-up, Make Mine with Everything, he rescues the people of Kerbosky from pizza addiction and the evil Drabblova. In volume three, blob-like creatures from a distant galaxy invade the bodies of Kerboskians, but a winged monster named Cuddles flies to the rescue.

Selected Titles:

Make Mine with Everything: Volume Two, Robbie Packford Series (Orca, 2004)
Robbie Packford: Alien Monster (Orca, 2003) by Heather Sander 1-55143-259-5

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