Press Release from Agio Publishing:

"Set in the glorious mountains and plains of the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Alberta and British Columbia, A Wolf's Moon (Agio 2012) is a gripping and at times hilarious account of Hank Sands' 18 years piloting helicopters. This true adventure story has just been released by Agio Publishing House of Victoria in trade paperback and ebook editions.

"One account reveals Hank inadvertently skinny dipping in Wood Buffalo National Park with a one-ton buffalo. Later, near Stewart, BC, he flies over an avalanche path with a bundle of dynamite fused to blow at any second, but it is lodged, unreachable, outside on the cargo rack. In an isolated Yukon tent camp, a mad Irishman threatens to chop everyone up with an axe. High in the Bugaboos, Hank stares half-blind as fuel drips from a damaged fuel tank onto the red-hot turbo charger of his crashed helicopter. Near Telegraph Creek, BC, a very large and legendary grizzly sends him running for his life. A raging forest fire threatening Fort Resolution, NWT, kindles a touching love story. In Port Alberni, BC, Hank flies into a 130,000-volt powerline. These are but a few incidents from this collection of incredible, yet true, tales."

[BCBW 2012]