Far more people in the world now have access to mobile phones than to working toilets.

"Surfing, clicking, texting, sharing, friending and liking,"; says Anton Scamvougeras, "have arguably taken the place of looking, seeing, listening, talking, thinking and just plain doing nothing, hanging out or being bored.

"Are we losing the capacity for quiet solitude? Are we filling all previously-empty spaces in our days with electronic 'busy-ness'? Have online 'friends' taken the place of the other sort? Have second lives replaced our first? And, if this is the case, should it be cause for concern?";

His collection of 75 pen & ink illustrations depicting humans isolated by their person technology, Dysconnected: Isolated by our Mobile Devices (Sandhill Marketing $19.95) provides matching quotes, opinions and facts, as well as startling stats about phone use.

Anton Scamvougeras was born in Cape Town, South Africa, moved to Canada in 1987, and lived in Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, and Southern Ontario, before settling in British Columbia. He is a physician and artist. His visual art work attempts to deal with questions of identity and place. He lives in Vancouver with his wife, Margot, and their three children. He uses his cell phone at least 20 times a day.

978-0-9952056-0-4 / individual softcover copies available via www.dysconnected.com / AJKS Publishing

[BCBW 2016]