Heidi Scheifley has spent the past 15 years in kitchens in Greece, Southeast Asia, Egypt, Israel, Nepal, India, Hawaii and Hollyhock Lifelong Learning Centre on Cortes Island, British Columbia. She received her certification as a Gourmet Natural Foods Chef at the Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition & Culinary Arts. Heidi is co-owner/operator of Cook's Cooperative and is passionate about pure, local, and organic foods. She is the co-author of Hollyhock: Garden to Table, a celebration of the beauty of fresh, local food - filled with ideas and seasoned with global inspiration. The versatility of whole grains, healthy oils and natural sweeteners is showcased. Focusing on sustainable seafood, and garden-fresh foods.

Located on Cortes Island, the world renowned learning centre of Hollyhock also boasts a spectacular organic garden near its ocean-view kitchen. Based on thirty years of cooking, Hollyhock: Garden to Table (New Society $24.95) by Moreka Jolar and Heidi Scheifly provides more than 200 new garden-inspired recipes as well as growing tips from Hollyhock's own Master Gardener, Nori Fletcher. It's a follow-up to Hollyhock Cooks, also by Jolar, who has been a chef at Hollyhock for 15 years. Scheifley is a certified Gourmet Natural Foods Chef who has cooked around the world. 978-0-86571-727-5


Hollyhock: Garden to Table (New Society Publishers) by Moreka Jolar & Heidi Scheifley; foreword by Dr. Andrew Weil