Written like a letter to a friend, Such... is Life (Trafford 2008) is a reflective journey through the eyes of German-born Willy Schneider, tracing Schneider's childhood, his experiences as a soldier, the social upheaval of Hitler's regime and his move to a country an ocean away where he built a new life in Terrace, B.C. , Such... is Life includes b&w photographs from both Germany and Canada.

Schneider writes, "It is indisputable that many of the events mentioned in these pages had a profound impact on my life. I would have to ask myself where would I be and what would I be doing if, Hitler had not come to power, the second World War had not taken place and Germany had not been divided? Most likely, we would not have immigrated to Canada, the country which gave us the opportunities we had dreamed about and hoped for."


Such is Life: The Story of the Trials and Tribulations of an Immigrant (Trafford, 2008) 978-1-4120-8343-0

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