Ethelbert Olaf Stuart Scholefield co-wrote one of the most important early histories of the province, British Columbia, From the Earliest Times to the Present, with F.W. Howay in 1914.

Born in 1875, Scholefield was the son of an Anglican minister in New Westminster and Esquimalt. He worked for R. E. Gosnell in the provincial library, then replaced him as Provincial Librarian in 1898. He later replaced Gosnell as provincial archivist in 1910. Building on his published work with Edward Gosnell in 1913, as well as his plans for a possible collaboration with Gilbert Sproat for an uncompleted history of Vancouver Island, Scholefield co-published the four-volume omnibus history, British Columbia, From the Earliest Times to the Present (S.J. Clarke Publishing, Vancouver, 1914) in conjunction with F.W. Howay. Gosnell was not credited. Volumes 1-2 are historical; volumes 3-4 are biograpical. Scholefield died in 1919. He has been posthumously credited as the author of a popular history title, Cariboo Gold Rush (Heritage House, 1987).

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