Veronica Schreiber grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she was born on November 28, 1977. She received a B.F.A. in creative writing from Brooklyn College. In 2001, she received the Irwin Shaw Award for a short story, and Bertha & Philip Goodman Award for a short story. She lives in Black Creek on Vancouver Island.

Flash Baby is her first novel.

Narrated by a successful, chronically inebriated, twenty-five-year-old New York artist, Vivian Grimes, who feels trapped by booze, bad lovers, and ugly paintings, The Coffee Painter (Nice Press $14.94) is the second novel by Veronica Schreiber. Porn, glitter, and ugly ladies are what Vivian Grimes paints. Crown Royal, Guinness and Canadian Club are what she drinks. Bartenders, drunken losers and a high school janitor, who she's still trying to forget, are the men in her life. Her days begin in the afternoon, hung over, with a horrible painting from the night before that she proceeds to fix into something she can sell.


Flash Baby (Trafford Publishing, 2007)

The Coffee Painter (Nice Press, 2014) 9781493764655 paperback (pg. 366) $14.94 / 1230000221879 ebook: $4.99

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