After her parents emigrated from Great Britain, Jean Scott was born in a grocery store in 1912, in Brandon, Manitoba, where she lived until age eight. As a single mother who had coped with a violent husband and worked as a domestic servant, she evolved her feminist sympathies and became a social activist upon taking a secretarial jobs with the United Steelworkers and the Vancouver Labour Council. Married in 1932, she finally received a divorce in 1951 from the man she had tried to live with five times. After a whirlwind romance, she re-married in 1958, only to discover her second disappointing husband was a polygamist in 1959. A co-founder of the Memorial Society, she published her memoirs, Brown Sugar and a Bone in the Throat (Trafford 2005) with the encouragement of Elsie K. Neufeld, at age 93 while living in Chilliwack. A fundamental organizer for the Chilliwack Museum and Historical Society and the local transition house for women, Jean Scott received an honorary doctorate from the University College of the Fraser Valley in 2002 and the Governor-General's Person's Case Award for promoting women's equality in 2000.

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