Infertility Insanity (Influence Publishing, 2015) explores the extreme highs and lows of the roller coaster ride that is infertility. This is Julie Selby's personal story, where she was told her odds of becoming pregnant were less than 10%, even with medical assistance. For five years she tried anything and everything, from traditional treatments, to psychic consultations, acupuncture and immunity testing. Written with a humorous edge, this book explores the fallout of infertility, with relationships, finances and personal sanity each taking hard hits. Incorporated with Selby's own account are stories of other women fighting similar battles.

Julie Selby was born in England but moved to Canada where she works in marketing and advertising. She has personally lived the emotional ride of infertility and is now, happily, mom to twins. Selby lives in Vancouver.


Infertility Insanity (Influence Publishing, 2015) $21.95 9781771410243

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