Born in 1928 in Newport, Monmouthshire, England, Paddy Sherman worked for English newspapers before his arrival in Canada in 1952. From 1960-1965 he was the legislative reporter and daily columnist for the Province in Vancouver. He became its editor in 1965. An avid mountain climber, he produced a book called Cloud Walkers: Six Climbs on Major Canadian Peaks (Macmillan, 1965; 1979) that recounts adventures in Canadian mountaineering. His most significant work was the first biography of British Columbia's most prominent politician, W.A.C. Bennett. It was simply called Bennett (M&S 1966). Sherman was a central figure in the newspaper business in B.C. during the period when Southam Press was dominant. "I, in all my years with that company, never had the slightest hint from head office about what should be written editorially, and I certainly made quite sure that policy existed when I was there," he said. Sherman became an outspoken critic of the centralized policies of the Asper family when they gained control of The Vancouver Sun and The Province with CanWest.

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