Brenda Silsbe is part of a family that has lived in Terrace since 1919. After initially studying nursing, she received her B.A. in Education from UBC in 1977 and has taught primary school. She married John Silsbe, a high school band mate, in 1979, and they have two children. Her story called The Watcher is about a quiet boy named George who doesn't participate in sports but becomes a hero when he notices a girl choking in the cafeteria and runs to alert the school nurse. Silsbe has long been involved in music, as evidenced by her book The Duet in which a child named Maggie has nightmares about playing in an upcoming music festival. Silsbe plays piano and guitar. "She has driven from British Columbia to Prince Edward Island, and from New Orleans to Vancouver. She shook the Queen's hand and kissed Pierre Trudeau. She has run into bears and played a witch in Macbeth."

CITY/TOWN: Terrace, B.C.

DATE OF BIRTH: October 10, 1953



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