Born in Egmont in 1946, Sechelt Band member Diane Silvey spent her early years in that small fishing village near the Skookumchuck Rapids. She graduated from UBC's Native Indian Teacher Education Program and taught for 21 years, on reserves at Bella Bella and Port Alberni, and in Victoria. Her school text From Time Immemorial: The First People of the Pacific Northwest Coast (1999) was preceded by a children's book, Spirit Quest (1997), illustrated by her son, Joe. It features the twins Kaya and Tala on an adventure to the underworld to retrieve a sacred box. In a follow up story, Time of the Thunderbird (2008), the teenage twins encounter the ferocious Thunderbird in order to discover why children from a B.C. village have disappeared.

Vision Quest was followed by Raven's Flight (2000), a young adult novel about a girl who gets into trouble on the streets of Vancouver. Silvey also provided the text for The Kids Book of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada (2005), illustrated by John Mantha, for ages eight to twelve. She is the author of Little Bear's Vision Quest and Whale Girl, and she has developed 13 curriculum books for non-readers. Silvey has been active in anti-racism and justice issues and has given many workshops concerning justice issues and multiculturism.


Little Bear's Vision Quest

Whale Girl

Spirit Quest (1997)

From Time Immemorial: The First Peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast (Classroom Resources, Pacific Edge Publishing, 1999).

Raven's Flight (Raincoast, 2000)

The Kids Book of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada (Kids Can, 2005)

Time of the Thunderbird (Dundurn, 2008). Illustrated by John Mantha.

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