An all-round athlete, DebiLyn Smith graduated from high school in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and soon hopped into a duct-taped Toyota and migrated to B.C. around age twenty. She has spent 30 years in Houston, B.C., now married with two adult children of her own and two adult children of her partner. She published some writing under her previous name, Debi Osborne, and sold many freelance articles from 1999 to 2007. In 2010, at the Bloody Words Mystery Writer's conference, her work was assessed by Barbara Fradkin who critiqued the first three chapters of her first mystery, Not Just One, to be followed by Double Dip.

According to Smith, her non-fictional Running from Cancer: A Tilted Memoir (Queen Bee / Red Tuque $19) is for people who admit they don't like to read. Her memoir is self-described as a "blunt, no-holds-barred adventure... for anyone wanting to know more about the Chemo Freeway and Hair Loss 101."; After describing vacuuming your head and wearing someone else's hair for six months, it concludes with six appendixes of Weapons to Arm Yourself With, recipes, resources and Cancer-Killing Tips. There's also a love story. It was edited by Lynn Shervill, publisher/editor of Creekstone Press, who is a retired Oncology nurse. Royalties support Smith's local BV Hospital Fund in the hopes of funding a portable MRI scanner for Northern B.C. "This dream I'm pursuing started,"; says Smith, "when the main doctor in the book, my best friend Sandi, stated she could really use an MRI to save more lives when doing ER shifts."; 9780991909308