In Canada, while we have problems, we can and must protect our precious water resources, a sentiment that inspired Smith's book Canada's Water, Yours to Protect: A Primer on Planning Together. This book speaks to eight issues and the changes needed to manage water, including deeply-entrenched water allocation systems, ill-protected groundwater supplies, full-cost water pricing versus water conservation, aquatic ecosystem protection, drinking water quality protection, flood damage protection, future dam construction, and control of water export. British Columbia is prominently featured throughout the book, which also discusses planning and integrated management and the benefits of comprehensive action and awareness building, citizen engagement and public involvement.

Sandra E. Smith is a former adjunct assistant professor at UVIC's Geography Department and the co-author of Domicide: The Global Destruction of Home (MQUP, 2001). She worked in England and BC as a professional planner of communities, floodplains and islands, as well as a policy advisor, academic and consultant.


Canada's Water, Yours to Protect: A Primer on Planning Together (Green Frigate Books 2014) ISBN: 978-I-927043-32-5. $29.95

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