"The body has become merely a well-designed tool for advertising"; says Celeste Snowber in Embodied Prayer: Towards Wholeness of Body, Mind and Soul (North Stone $19.95). According to Snowber--who calls herself a liturgical dancer--media fosters a fragmented attitude toward the body. "Often only segments of the body are depicted: chests, thighs, and posteriors are viewed as if there were no heads or hearts to accompany them. The perfect body image, communicated through TV, commercials, newspapers, billboards, and magazines, leads our culture to believe that the outer appearance of the body is of the most primary concern. Nothing could be further from the truth.";

Embodied Prayer isn't a how-to guide for physical and spiritual harmony, but Snowber, who teaches in the SFU Education department, does include rocking exercises for relaxation, quotes from Van Gogh, and a section about the role of dance in the Old Testament-and foot washing. "People often think feet are an unbecoming part of their body; their toes aren't even, corns may be sticking out, and of course there is that distinctive odor that can exude from the loveliest of people. That makes Jesus' [foot washing] act all the more profound-he ministered to the uncomely parts, the parts that we want to cover.";

Her first title In The Womb of God describes giving birth to twins and "marks the author's unfolding recognition of the feminine face of God."

With Stuart Richmond of of SFU, she wrote Landscapes of Aesthetic Education (Cambridge University Press 2009). They see aesthetic education as aiming to extend creativity, appreciation of the arts and nature, and the sensuous qualities of everyday life, to gain a more intimate understanding of the self and the world. They include poetic, narrative, philosophical, and artistic ways of writing to support a more embodied and holistic aesthetics. Landscapes of
Aesthetic Education has significance for educators, scholars, students, and artists, and for all who would like to explore the connections between the arts, aesthetics, and transformation.


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