James Southern turned to writing a collection of fantasy stories after previously publishing his autobiography. Each story in Once Upon: Fairly Tall Fairy Tales (FriesenPress 2016) is unique but the setting for all of them is Europe of a few centuries ago. Characters in the stories vary from other-worldly beings to teenagers striving to realize their dreams.

Before getting married, Southern travelled extensively. His travels are recorded in his three-part autobiography: Twenty Years Around the World, Alaska to Patagonia (about hitchhiking most of the way), and Cape Town to Tunis (driving most of the way).

A B.C. resident, James Southern was born in 1943.


Once Upon: Fairly Tall Fairy Tales (FriesenPress 2016). $19.99 978-1-4602-3987-2 (Hardcover) 978-1-4602-3988-9 (Paperback)

Twenty Years Around the World

Alaska to Patagonia

Cape Town to Tunis

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