A Victoria-based freelance writer, Barbara Stewart has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Victoria's Writing Program. She has written several books about women and sports including a survey of women's soccer. Campie (Heritage, 2011) is an autobiographical account of her stint mopping floors, cleaning toilets, burning garbage and generally cleaning up after rig workers in the Alberta oil fields. She is eventually confronted with the understanding that 'putting out' is considered mandatory.

Stewart was shortlisted in the 2008 CBC Literary Awards for non-fiction and the 2009 EVENT Creative Nonfiction Contest.


Campie (Heritage, 2011) 978-1-926613-92-5

Women's Soccer: The Passionate Game (Greystone, 2004). With Helen Stoumbos.

The Luck of the Draw: True Life Tales of Lotteries and Their Winners (Arsenal Pulp 2000). With Chris Gudgeon.

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