David Leigh Stone is the editor of Historic Shipwrecks of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, published in 2008 by the Underwater Archaeological Society of British Columbia. Copies of the approximately ten books and publications from the society are available via the Vancouver Maritime Museum. This one provides the histories of innumerable wrecks and explains that Wreck Beach received its name due to the 1923 shipwreck of a small steamer called the Trader, built in Vancouver in 1901, and two big breakwater hulks, Bingamon and Granco. Wreck sites are provided for the Beaver, Bedwell Bay Mystery Wreck, Chehalis, Famous, Huldo O, JKames D. McCormack, Newington, North Vancouver Mystery Wreck, Prince of Wales, Sir Thomas J. Lipton, Superior Straits, VT-100, West Bay Mystery Wrecks, Western Despatcher and Wreck Beach Wrecks. (978-0-9784800-0-4)

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[BCBW 2008] "Maritime"