At 41, as the daughter of the dean of Rochester Cathedral, unmarried Monica Storrs heard the call of duty from God and followed the family tradition of missionary work into B.C.'s Peace River country to teach Sunday school, girl guiding and scouting. She and the women who became her helpers were known by the locals as 'God's Galloping Girls.' Her diaries reflect her courage, faith and humour as a lay missionary. As a professor of history at the University of Manitoba, W.L. Morton edited God's Galloping Girl: The Peace River Diaries of Monica Storrs, 1929-1931 (UBC Press 1979 $35.95). It was followed by Companions of the Peace: Diaries and Letters of Monica Storrs, 1931-1939 (University of Toronto Press, 1999), edited by Vera K. Fast.

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