SubTERRAIN magazine editor Robert Strandquist has an MFA from the University of British Columbia and has received several writing awards, including a Canadian Authors' Association award for poetry. He grew up in Nelson, B.C. and came to Vancouver. As a follow-up to The Inanimate World, a collection of stories that were far from inanimate, he produced a first novel about an increasingly unemployable handyman, Leo, who is capable of fixing anything but himself. [See below] It was followed by A Small Dog Barking (2005), an eclectic collection of stories. "Jail was where you were force-fed time," he writes in the title story. "The biggest thing that never existed, they pushed it down your throat. It was all you had to think about, that and your crime, if you were lucky enough to have one."


The Waterbird (Anvil, 2010)
A Small Dog Barking (Anvil, 2005)
Dreamlife of Bridges (Anvil, 2003)
Inanimate World (Anvil, 2001)

[BCBW 2010] "Fiction"

Photo by Barry Peterson