Former Vancouver Magazine and Western Living editor Jim Sutherland has self-published a golf novel with sex and humour, Snap Slice (Collingwood Books, 2013). It was going to be titled Stack and Tilt under the title was change for copyright reasons.

Promotional copy states:

"It's May 2007, and Jeff Jones is crawling back from the depths. One year earlier, to his bewildered surprise, he had it all: a great job making up the preposterous back stories used to design and sell ski and golf resorts, membership at the esteemed Dunbar Gates and, best by far, the astonishing Sydney.

"But Jeff's world came crashing down when he discovered Syd naked in the hot tub with the VP Marketing and ill-advisedly turned his colleague's sport-ubiquity-vehicle into a "reball that lit up the night sky. Jobless and alone, he spends long days on Big Bill's driving range, ultimately developing a radical new way to swing a golf club. The savvy Bill spots opportunity where others see only quivering jelly, and sets him up as an instructor.

"But then the June issue of Golf Digest arrives, with its sensational cover story on the Stack & Tilt swing, which seems identical to Jeff's. Better-unless it's worse-Jeff links up with the mysterious Jenny, just as Syd blasts back onto the scene. And who else should appear but the mother that Jeff has been trying to avoid, with news of the notorious father that he has never met. Will the reunion be manic I Love Lucy, or cringe-inducing Curb Your Enthusiasm? Or, in imagining a sit-com rather than the opening scene in a police procedural, is Jeff being uncharacteristically optimistic? Here's proof at last that golf is a sport. A contact sport."


Snap Slice (Collingwood Books, 2013).

Paper version: $14.95, 978-0-9919366-0-1
Kindle version: $7.95, 978-0-9919366-1-8