i-Minds (Inkwater Press, 2015) scrutinizes the impact the ubiquitous i-products (mobile phones, computers and gaming devices) have on our world. As promotional materials explain, "weaving through the hard and soft sciences, including history, research, and popular literature; media and industry hype; sociology and social psychology; personal observations and tales from over 18 years of clinical practice and research"; this book "explores the influence of i-technology on children and families, friends and lovers, work and learning, development and brain function as influenced by our ever changing world and the technologies within.";

Dr. Mari Swingle obtained a BA in Visual Arts from Ottawa University, an MA in Language Education from the University of British Columbia, and a MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology from Fielding Graduate University. She is a BCIA Fellow (2010) and a certified neurotherapist. In 2015, Swingle won an Early Career Impact Award for her post-doctoral work on the effects of i-technology on brain function.


i-Minds: How Cell Phones, Computers, Gaming, And Social Media Are Changing Our Brains, Our behavior, And The Evolution of Our Species (Inkwater Press, 2015) $20.95 9781629012131

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