Jessica Taylor, born in Ireland in 1938 and arrived in BC in 2005 has written and self-published her autobiography, FROM TRAGEDY TO TRIUMPH: Journey back From the Edge, about head injuries.


FROM TRAGEDY TO TRIUMPH:Journey back From the Edge(New Beginnings Foundation)

Biography (provided by author): This is a story about Jessica Taylor, a young businesswoman who migrated to Canada from Ireland and whose life was abruptly halted by a near fatal fall at work. As she struggles to recall memories of her life as a loving wife and mother of two young daughters, she also wages an inner war with depression and despair. Her recovery against all odds has been the subject of media coverage including TV appearances. Jessica's book and campaign work has attracted interest of many prominent people, including Royalty. She pens a series of tragic events, culminating in one of the longest court battles in Canadian history, exposing a legal system fraught with collusion and fraud. Written without self-pity, Jessica injects her narrative with wit, insight, spirituality.