Heather Tekavec first fell in love with children's literature as a preschool teacher. Stop Thief! is her ninth published book. She was born in Manitoba and lives in Cloverdale.

A previous kidlit novel, The Cost of Passage (Herald Press ) is about a fourteen-year-old named Anna who fights to escape civil war in Russia between the Red Army (communists), the White Army (czarists) and the Green Army led by Nestor Makhno. She struggles to raise enough money to gain her family safe passage to Canada.


The Cost of Passage (Herald Press $18.29) 0-8361-9237-0
Stop Thief! (Kids Can Press 2014) $18.95 078-1-77138-012-6
Manners Are Not for Monkeys (Kids Can Press 2015) 978-1-77138-051-5 $16.95

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