Anne Tempelman-Kluit was born in Hastings, Sussex, England in 1941, and came to Canada in 1961 on her way to Australia. She met and married her husband, a geologist, and has since lived in Canada. She accompanied him on four-month, summer excursions in the Yukon where he mapped for the Geological Survey of Canada and she cooked for the camp. While living in Whitehorse she wrote for the Whitehorse Star as a political reporter and feature writer, wrote for the Globe and Mail about life in the Yukon and raised their two daughters. As a freelance writer she has won a Western Magazine Award and a national award from the Canadian Science Writers' Association. Including the writing of Margaret Laurence, E. Pauline Johnson, Lucy Maude Montgomery, Grey Owl and Emily Carr, her anthology Sleds, Sleighs and Snow: A Canadian Christmas Carol, collects Christmas holiday stories, celebrations and traditions from across Canada. As the mother of two daughters, she wrote Healthy Mum, Happy Baby: How to Feed Yourself When You're Feeding a New Baby (Random House, 2007).


Yukon (Discover Canada), by Anne Templeman-Kluit (Children's Book Press, 1997)
A Klondike Christmas: Celebrating the Season in a Northern Frontier, edited by Anne Tempelman-Kluit (Whitecap, 1998)
A West Coast Christmas: Celebrating the Season on the Edge of the Pacific, Edited by Anne Tempelman-Kluit (Whitecap, 1999)
A Cowboy Christmas: Celebrating the Season on Ranch and Range, edited by Anne Tempelman Kluit (Whitecap, 2000)
Sleds, Sleighs and Snow: A Canadian Christmas Carol (Whitecap, 2005)

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