With his son Francis Dupuis-Deri, wrote Anarchy Explained to My Father (New Star 2017), translated from French by John Gilmore. Originally published by Lux Editeur in 2014 as L'anachie expliquee a mon pere. Book blurb says: "In a thoughtful and engaging question-and-answer format, the authors explore anarchism from its historical rootss to the present. They gently correct popular misconceptions to outline anarchism's postive contribution to political theory and practice, as well as the dilemmas it engages, from the use of violent tactics to the irony of teaching anarchism in the university." The book is an accessible discussion of this revolutionary philosophy that rejects all forms of domination and seeks to find order through harmony.

Thomas Deri is a former publisher, an editor and translator, co-founder of the Libraire du Quebec bookstore in Paris, and former director of the Salon du livre book fair in Montreal. His son, Francis Dupuis-Deri teaches political science at Universite du Quebec a Montreal. Francis Dupuis-Deri earned his PhD in political science at UBC in the 1990s.


Anarchy Explained to My Father (New Star 2017) withFrancis Dupuis-Deri. $20 978-1-55420-137-2

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