DATE OF BIRTH: March 2 1970


EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: photographer, illustrator,tarot reader


Sacred Charms (2007)
Hidden Treasures(2005)
Secret Jewels(2006)
Precious Gems(2006)

All self-published titles are published under Waterline Art Studio and copyright is held with the CARCC.

BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Illustrator and author Debra L. Thomlinson was originally from Manitoba. She began illustrating in 2000 after relocating to Vancouver Island with her family. In her educational "Secret Series" of BC nature books she teaches about marine life and woodland life of Vancouver Island. These full-colour illustrated books feature the author's son exploring our natural environment. Her books are available through gift stores, galleries, public libraries and other retail shops.

[BCBW 2007] "Kidlit"