Major Douglas H. Tobler, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, served in the Middle East and Europe. He self-published published at least three volumes of autobiography; the first one covering his service as an officer with the Eighth Army at El Alamein and the march of the Eighth Army to Tripoli; the second one covering his later years building his retirement home in the Bridge River Country near Tyaughton Lake, and the third one covering childhood and youth. His other titles included An Enchanted Kingdom, Desecration of "An Enchanted Kingdom" and No Better Climate.


Intelligence in the Deser: The Recollections and Reflections of a Brigade Intelligence Officer (Victoria: Morris Printing, 1978).

No Pipe Dream, A Personal Odyssey 1959-1974 (Gold Bridge, B.C.: Gun Creek Publishing, 1985)

Journey of the Years, 1913-1950 (Gold Bridge: Gun Creek Publishing, 1990 2nd edition)

The Special Forces Club (Gold Bridge, B.C.: Gun Creek Publishing, 1997).

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