John Trelawny of Victoria was born in India in 1919 and educated in England. He immigrated to Canada in 1947 where his keen interest in horticulture led to a botany degree and a position as laboratory supervisor at the University of Victoria. It was there that he met Dr. Lewis J. Clark and was inspired by his interest in native plants. Following publication of his encyclopedic classic, Wild Flowers of the Pacific Northwest (Gray's Publishing), Clark broke his masterwork down into six compact field guides that collectively solding more than 200,000 copies. After Clark's death, Trelawny edited subsequent editions of Wild Flowers of the Pacific Northwest for Harbour Publishing. In 1988 he wrote Wild Flowers of the Yukon, Alaska & Northwestern Canada, revised in 2003 (Harbour Publishing) with descriptions of more than 325 of the most common species. [BCBW 2003]

[BCBW 2003] "Gardening"