DATE OF BIRTH: June 21, l925

PLACE OF BIRTH: Kenora, Ont.


AWARDS: Arc National Poetry Award, League of Canadian Poets Award, Orillia award, Federation 0f BC Writers award

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Old Woman Comes Out of Her Cave
(A Collection of Poetry)
Oolichan Books, 2001

Dark Forms Gliding
A collection of short fiction
Oolichan Books, 1988

Mildred Tremblay lives in Nanaimo, B.C. She has published her short stories and poetry in magazines and literary journals in Canada, the United States and England. She is the mother of six daughters. She has long practiced transcendental meditation and more recently has studied and practiced Kundalini. Tremblay's fictional world is one of myth and folklore: animistic and totemistic, concering transformation.

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