Robert E.L. Trowbridge is an insurance executive who, with his wife Judy, divides his time between Foxglove Farm near Vancouver and their Yorkville brownstone in Toronto. His self-published autobiography entitled Foxglove is focussed upon their acquisition of a seventeen-acre equestrian estate in Langley in the Fraser Valley, bought in 2002 in the aftermath of a series of successful real estate deals. "With its ballroom, chapel, courtyard and gardens the property has been a magnet for Hollywood for a couple of decades. Brad Pitt, Nicolas Cage, Donald Sutherland and Diane Lane are just a few of the thespians who have toiled under hot lights at Foxglove Farm." Humour-laden and boastful, Foxglove is a lively exploration of a natural writing ability that has been yearning to be released. It is most charming as a portrait of a marriage but it can also be dismissed by ungenerous readers as a mere advertisement for the author's apparent success. The guy has the trophy wife and the trophy house; and he has been on lots of nice trips. Why do we have to know about it?


Foxglove (Trafford Publishing, 2006). 141208019-3

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