Jeanie Vant is a retired teacher in B.C. who has written poetry since she was a young girl. Married for more than forty years, she likes gardening, piano and embroidery. She has self-published two titles, The Witch's Cat and The Squirrel Family. In the The Witch's Cat, a woman discovers a little black cat in the basement of a church on the morning after Halloween. Taking the kitten home to her nephew, Alex, the boy names the cat Tom Kitty and the two grow to become close friends. When it is revealed that Tom Kitty belongs to a kindly old witch who has grown ill, Alex has to learn to let his best friend go. The Squirrel Family is inspired by a squirrel that visited Vannt's bird feeder each winter. When his visits discontinued, Vant wrote an imagined story about the squirrel's life.

[BCBC 2014]