Born in Hanoi in 1940, educated in Saigon and Paris, multi-lingual Thuong Vuong-Riddick shares her Vietnamese roots, her girlhood experiences and her affinity for life in Canada in The Evergreen Country: A Memoir of Vietnam (Hagios 2007 $19.95). In this uplifting and articulate story of preserving dignity in the face of hardship, the retired French literature professor reveals how Vietnam is a blend of indigenous, Chinese, French and American influences. She immigrated to France in 1962 and to Montreal in 1969. She learned English from Canada and taught at McGill University and University of Victoria. Having made several return visits to Vietnam, she lives in Victoria, happy to have adopted Canada.


Two Shores / Deux rives (Ronsdale 1995).

The Evergreen Country: A Memoir of Vietnam (Hagios 2007) $19.95 978-0-9783440-0-9

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