Having studied Buddhism under Uma Thurman's dad, former Province columnist Carmen Yuen has distilled Buddhist wisdom with nutritional information for The Cosmos in a Carrot (Berkeley: Parallax Press; Publisher Group Canada, 2006). Published for the Unified Buddhist Church Inc. when she was a second-year student at Yale Law School, Yuen's first book is divided into three parts: What Would Buddha Eat, A Mindful Diet and A Mindful Diet in Action. "I come from British Columbia,"; she writes, "a province that is famous for its small, organic blueberry farms. In July and August, the fruits are ripe and ready to pick. I love to visit the farms and fill up a bucket, or two, or three. The mouthwatering blueberries are as large as marbles. They're the perfect summertime snack, either alone or with organic, nonfat plain yogurt and other fresh berries.";

Prior to publishing her zen guide, the Vancouver-born-and-raised over-achiever studied Eastern Philosophy and Religions at Columbia University, completing her BA in three years (summa cum laude, phi beta kappa, Global Scholar, honours political theory major). She has also interviewed rock bands for CTV, written captions for VH-1's Pop-Up Video and worked as an A&R talent scout for Columbia Records, scouting bands that included Franz Ferdinand. In February of 2006--believe it or not--she won an entertainment law Grammy for her legal paper on ringtones.

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