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Born in Vancouver on July 19, 1946, Vancouver counsellor and educator Linde Zingaro has published Speaking Out: Storytelling for Social Change (Walnut Creek, California - Left Coast Press, 2008). Hardback (978-1-59874-420-0)
Paperback (978-1-59874-421-7. It is available in Canada from UBC Press, $35.95 Paperback, ISBN: 9781598744217

Zingaro has led a varied work and academic life since entering the Vancouver School of Art in 1964. She has been a press operator, a cook, a darkroom technician, the Executive Director of two non-profit agencies serving adolescents living on the street, and the owner of an art gallery, Anasazi Contemporary and Traditional Artifacts, at 2339 Granville, from November of 1987 to the spring of 1991.

Since 1985, Linde Zingaro has maintained a private counseling and consulting practice, providing direct support to individuals and skills training for staff groups or classes working in community service delivery, and she volunteers as a board member for a disability arts organization. She has also traveled extensively in Japan, working with women’s groups and social service agencies in the expansion of services to vulnerable groups in that country.

Zingaro has received the International Institute of Qualitative Methodology Dissertation Award.

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