Born in Florence, Italy, Anna [Ciampolini] Foschi came to Vancouver in 1983. She has co-edited the anthologies Emigrante (1985), Writers in Transition (1994) and Strange Peregrinations: Italian Canadian Literary Landscapes (2007). Her interviews, literary reviews and articles are published in Canada, Italy, Costa Rica and U.S.A. She writes in Italian and English. She is a co-founder, two-times President and current Board Member of the Association of Italian Canadian Writers, and co-founded the F.G. Bressani Literary Prize and the AICW Literary Competition.


Association of Italian-Canadian Writers (AICW)
Vancouver, BC 1986.
Two-time AICW President, currently Board member

2001 AICW Writing Contest
Trilingual Biennial Literary Competition

1986 F.G. Bressani Literary Prize
Biennial Literary Prize accepting entries in English, French, Italian
Sponsored by Italian Cultural Centre Society, Vancouver


Strange Peregrinations: Italian Canadian Literary Landscapes.
D. De Santis, V. Fazio, A. Foschi Ciampolini Eds.
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Writers in Transition: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: The Proceedings of the First National Conference of Italian Canadian Writers
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Emigrante: Storie, memorie e segreti della buona cucina dei nostri pionieri. A Collection of Oral Histories of Italian Canadian Pioneers in B.C.
A.Foschi Ciampolini, G. Bitelli, Editors
1985, Grandview Printing, Vancouver.


Behind Barbed Wire: AICW Remembers: the Internment of Italian-Canadians during the Second World War
Short Story: Dancing With the Devil: Conversations with Vancouver Witnesses of the Internment.
Guernica Editions, Toronto, 2012

Short Story: The Tortellini Connection
In the forthcoming anthology Italian-Canadians at the Table
By Guernica Editions, Toronto (2013?)

Sweet Lemons2-Sicilian Writings With An International Accent, D. De Santis, V. Fazio Eds. Legas-Sicilian Studies, 2010.
Short Story: A Travel Imagined.

An Interview with Mary Di Michele” “An Interview with Len Gasparini”, “An Interview with Antonino Mazza on Pierpaolo Pasolini”
in Pillars of Lace” M. De Franceschi, Ed.
Guernica Editions, Toronto, 1998.

The Scissors, SHORT STORY. English translation by Dr. Joseph. Pivato.
The Anthology of Italian Canadian Writing, J.Pivato Ed., Guernica Editions, Toronto, 1998.

Starting at Square One, an Interview with Antonio d’ Alfonso
In Italics: In Defense of Ethnicity,
A. D’Alfonso Editor,
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Calgary Story, a novella.
Bibliosofia-Letteratura Canadese, April 2007
Excerpt published in the anthology The Dynamics of Cultural Exchange.
L.Canton Ed.
Cusmano Publishing, Montreal, 2002.

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