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Nicole Dargere's novel Mystery Valley was published in 2012, in French (English edition: Ekstasis, 2015), as Le Secret du Peuple de la Riviere (Paris: The Editions L'Harmattan. The fanciful story occurs within the First Nations community of Harrison Hot Springs during the late nineteenth century. "An enigmatic creature is suddenly thrust into an alien environment and Luyana, the matriarchal heroine, becomes his secret guardian and teacher. As the story unfolds, their lives become intertwined with nearby villagers and intruders from afar who threaten to shatter the orderly ways of a peaceful people living in harmony with nature." The book is available via Amazon.

Nicole Darger was born in France but has lived in BC for over thirty years.


Mystery Valley (French edition: Harmatton, 2012); English edition: Ekstasis, 2015 $24.95 978-1-77171-028-2

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