MOULTON, June Fuller

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June Fuller Moulton was born and raised, and received her formal education in the eastern United States. She has taught piano and dance to children and adults in two countries for more than 40 years. She is the mother of five grown children, a grandmother and a great grandmother. Having served as the facilitator of a local Alzheimer’s disease support group, she is the author of several books including We Rage, We Weep: A Rural Caregiver’s Experiences Coping With Alzheimer’s Disease. She lived for a while in Cedar, B.C. where she and her second husband pursued their writing, before returning to Burns Lake. Jane Fuller Moulton edited and self-published the dictated memories of Rusty Moulton, who died of Alzheimer's Disease in 1995, for The Way It Was: Memories of WW II (2007).

CITY/TOWN: Cedar, B.C.

DATE OF BIRTH: June 10, 1931

PLACE OF BIRTH: Erie, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.




The Way It Was: Memories of WW II (2007). By Rusty Moulton, edited by June Moulton.

"It Must Have Been The Hat!" (June Fuller Moulton Publishing, 2004)

"From Point 'A' to Point 'B' and the WONDERLAND in Between", revised edition, adult non-fiction, published by June Fuller Moulton Publishing, 2003

"The Mysterious K.A.A.B. Club", juvenile novel, published by Highway Book Shop in Ontario, 2001. Juvenile novel for grades 4-7. 0-88954-421-2)

"We Rage, We Weep: A Rural Caregiver's Experiences Coping with Alzheimer's Disease", adult non-fiction, published by June Fuller Moulton Publishing, 2000

"Patches, the Watch-Dog Cat" Children's short stories, published by June Fuller Moulton Publishing, 2000

"No-Name Farm", juvenile novel, published by Highway Book Shop, 1998

"The Misadventures of Mighty Mutt", juvenile novel, published by June Fuller Moulton Publishing, 1996. Teacher Study Guide by Sharon Parker available with school orders.

"Swan Creek", juvenile novel, published by Highway Book Shop, 1995

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I just wanted you to know the wonderful thing that has happened because of my book, We Rage, We Weep and your review in the (BCBW Summer) issue. A gentleman in the Nanaimo area who lost his wife to Alzheimer’s disease contacted me to purchase the book. A correspondence via letters and eventually email resulted. A meeting, phone calls and more meetings. Attending the National Alzheimer Conference in Calgary and now our engagement. We are to be married in August. He is a wonderful man and we plan to become involved with the Alzheimer Society in the Nanaimo area.
I do believe fairy-tales sometimes come true!! Life is wonderful! Thank you so much.
June Fuller Moulton,
Burns Lake


We Rage, We Weep

In 1995 June Moulton’s beloved husband Rusty succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease at age 80 after a lengthy struggle. The Burns Lake children’s author now offers her down-to-earth directions and solace for relatives coping with the nightmarish disease of Alzheimer’s, particularly in rural situations, in We Rage, We Weep.

“It was incomprehensible to me that a man who’d been a mathematical whiz all his life couldn’t calculate his own age,” she says. “It was heartbreaking to see routine tasks become difficult, to witness the frustration that results when the ‘simple’ becomes inexplicably complex.”

Repeating stories. Misplacing things. Financial confusion. Radical mood shifts. Personality changes. Decreased judgement. Loss of initiative. It was an unstoppable degradation. Near the onset, Moulton worried that Rusty, an outdoorsman, would disappear into the bush.

“After he attempted to eat his soup with a fork,” she recalls, “I made a habit of setting his place at the table with only the necessary utensils.” But all of Moulton’s love and attention couldn’t prevent the inevitable. Now she is the facilitator of a local Alzheimer’s support group and a self-publisher c/o Box 539 Burns Lake, B.C. V0J 1E0 ($12.95 plus postage). 0-9680997-3-4


No Name Farm & The Misadventures of Mighty Mutt

June Moulton of Burns Lake has two new juvenile books out; No Name Farm and The Misadventures of Mighty Mutt.

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