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Derk Wynand graduated from University of British Columbia and has taught at the University of Victoria since 1969, first in the Dept. of English, then the Dept. of Creative Writing (now Dept. of Writing). He served two three-year terms as Chair of the Department. From 1993-98, he was editor of The Malahat Review. His one book of 'fictions' depicts "the life of a man without recipes, neither for his culinary efforts nor for his daily encounters... The identities of characters merge and shift. Inanimate objects unexpectedly come to life. Lover mould one another, literally, into more desirable shapes."

Derk Wynand has translated contemporary German poetry for decades. Glass Voices, Lasinaanet (Buschek $17.50) is his second translation of Dorothea Grunzweig, a German poet now living in Finland. Grunzweig’s delicate snowscapes are shadowed by memories of an oppressive religious childhood and a powerful father ghost. We encounter snowsage, mercyfield, praisesobbing and summersated. According to B.C. BookWorld reviewer Hannah Main-van der Kamp, “Wynand’s nervy compound words open up new possibilities of meaning.”

Wynand's eleventh book of poetry, Past Imperfect, Present Tense (Bayeux Arts, 2010) explores the effects of geographical displacement on the immigrant or traveler.

CITY/TOWN: Victoria

DATE OF BIRTH: June 12, 1944

PLACE OF BIRTH: Bad Suderode, Germany


EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Professor, Department of Writing, University of Victoria

AWARDS: As editor of Malahat Review: Western Magazine Award: Best Magazine of the Year, 1994



Past Imperfect, Present Tense (Bayeux Arts, 2010) 978-1-897411-25-4 $17.95
Dead Man's Float (Brick Books, London, Ont., 2002)
Closer to Home (Brick Books, London, Ont., 1997)
Door Slowly Closing (Hawthorne Society, Victoria, 1995)
Airborne (Outlaw Editions, Victoria, 1994)
Heat Waves (oolichan books, Lantzville, 1988)
Fetishistic (The Porcupine's Quill, Erin, Ontario, 1984)
Second Person (Sono Nis Press, Victoria, 1983)
Pointwise (Fiddlehead Poetry Books, Fredericton, 1979)
Snowscapes (The Sono Nis Press, Delta, 1974)
Locus (Fiddlehead Poetry Books, Fredericton, 1971)


One Cook, Once Dreaming (Sono Nis Press, Victoria, 1980)


Glass Voices, Lasinaanet (Buschek 2008)
Midsummer Cut, fr. the German of Dorothea Grünzweig (Buschek Books, 2002)
Black Sails, fr. the German of Erich Wolfgang Skwara (Ariadne Press, 1999)
The Quest for Dr. U. , with Malcolm Green, fr. the German of H.C. Artmann, (Atlas Press, 1993)
Sweat and Industry fr. the German of H.C. Artmann, (Atlas Press, 1992)
Under the Cover of a Hat / Green-sealed Message, fr. the German of H.C. Artmann (Quartet Books, 1985)

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