Easy Access ($16.99)

A coming-of-age novel by Ernest Edwards of Sechelt, Easy Access ($16.99) follows RAF Lancaster pilot Eric Hart from his upbringing in London’s East End to a dramatic landing at Auschwitz. As the Russians are approaching the concentration camp nearing the end of the war, Hart’s nemesis, a German officer named Karl Schrett, is fearful of Russian reprisals for German atrocities. He wants Hart to fly him to England. “Stop all the trips to the gas chambers immediately,” Eric demands. This tale of revenge and retribution continues to post-war North America where Schrett, a psychopathic killer, reappears in British Columbia. Reconvening his old bomber crew, Hart tracks the villain from the air using an old Avro Lancaster from Nanton, Alberta. 0-9686283-0-3

[BCBW AUTUMN 2000] "War"