Trade secrets and insider advice are available from Antony Westbridge in How To Make Money Selling Art At Auction ($22.95). Westbridge publishes a newsletter for the international auction market and has produced The Canadian Art Sales Index for for more than years. Westbridge has been involved in the art market as a writer and dealer for more than 30 years. With her Masters in Canadian art and in Library Science, his partner Diana Bodnar has been involved in heritage preservation and art library fields since 1975. They live in West Vancouver and operate an office from 1737 Fir St. Vancouver, V6J 5J9

The most expensive piece of art ever sold in Canada is Paul Kane’s Scene in the Northwest – Portrait which sold for $5 million at Sotheby’s, Toronto in February 2002. Only 46 artists account for 75% of all sales of Canadian art at auction. The average price for a Canadian painting sold at auction has reached $5,000—even though 88% of sales are less than $5,000.