Eating Healthy on the Road with Sarah McLachlan (Madrigal $27.95)

Even Ken Starr’s report includes Sarah McLachlan these days. Waiting alone in the Oval Office, Monica Lewinsky was delighted to discover a Sarah McLachlan CD in President Clinton’s collection and urged him to pay special attention to track 5, ‘Do What You Have To Do’, with lyrics by Vancouver jewelry designer Colleen Wolstenholme: “But I have the sense to recognize that I don’t know how to let you go.”
McLachlan’s personal chef Jaime Laurita meanwhile has the sense not to let go of McLachlan’s appeal with 70 low-fat but delicious recipes in Eating Healthy on the Road with Sarah McLachlan (Madrigal $27.95). Much of the cookbook, with help from Hollywood North photographer Kharen Hill, was shot on location in the singer’s home, using McLachlan’s dishes. As well, Featuring interviews with Lilith Fair performers, Buffy Childerhose’s From Lilith to Lilith Fair (Madrigal $24.95) has a foreword by McLachlan and profiles 16 pioneering women throughout history as a context for the most successful concert tour of 1997. With more than 60 photos, it examines the impact McLachlan’s Lilith Fair has had on the role of women in music. Healthy 1-894160-01-0; Lilith 1-894160-00-2