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A fifth-generation Vancouver Islander, Daniel P. Marshall produced the first history of the Cowichan peoples written for, and approved by, the Cowichan Tribes. Originally intended as an educational text for Cowichan youth, Those Who Fell From The Sky (Rainshadow Press, 2000 $29.95) begins with the first ‘heaven-sent’ Cowichans who were dropped at various points among the wilderness long ago. Cowichan elders once assured young people that one day they would be compensated for land illegally annexed; it was only a matter of time and patience. Marshall outlines some of the land claims issues that remained unsettled as the 21st century began. 0-9684690-0-0

[BCBW 2000] "First Nations"

Review of the author's work by BC Studies:
Those Who Fell from the Sky: A History of the Cowichan People