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Swiss-born, Ferdi Wenger is the author/researcher of several travel guides written in French, German and English. He has also written articles about his expeditions along some of the world's most impressive rivers for publications such as BC Outdoors, The Canadian Geographic and The Globe and Mail. He is the author of Wild Liard Waters (Caitlin, 1998). [Harbour Publishing, 2002]

[BCBW 2003] "Outdoors"

Wild Liard Waters (Caitlin $15.95)

With its own Grand Canyon and a Devil’s Portage, the 1,200-kilometre Liard River linking central Yukon with the Mackenzie River has had an ‘evil reputation’ for canoeists since the 1850s. In Wild Liard Waters (Caitlin $15.95), Swiss-born Ferdi Wenger recounts his explorations on the little-known river that loops south and east through B.C.
“We paddled on, chins tucked into our chests, faces dripping with water, arms aching from trying to hold the canoe on course, from paddling, paddling, against the relentless wind.”
Wenger, who lives at Heffley Creek, has crossed Canada on a bicycle and written six guide books in German, French and English. He is now wary of B.C. Hydro environmental and engineering studies that have decided hydroelectric development of the Liard can be ‘technically feasible and economically attractive’. He concludes by quoting William James’ assertion that with mere good intentions, hell is proverbially paved. 0-920576-72-9