Images of Our Inheritance (Whitecap $34.95)

“The children of today,” says James Sidney, “represent the first human generation to be threatened with the inheritance of an unliveable planet by the end of their lifetime.”

Consequently 23-year-olds James Sidney and Sarah Stewart have recorded their impressions of ten unprotected wilderness areas in Canada for Images of Our Inheritance (Whitecap $34.95), with a foreword by Freeman Patterson.

“This is not a diatribe against business, land developers and car-polluting suburbanites, eco-freaks or anybody else,” says Patterson. “Rather, it is a reasonable, holistic assessment of where we go wrong, and how we must change, or will be forced to change.”

The couple conclude their photographic survey with a chapter called Hope that features Clayoquot Sound. “Ultimately our travels across the country were not discouraging, but empowering. Feeling a sense of loss turned out to be the first step to feeling hope, because we learned how much we, and others like us, cared.”

More than one-third of Canada’s population is in Ontario; 60% of Canadians live south of a line drawn Quebec City to Sault Ste. Marie, an area that constitutes less than three percent of the country’s land. But wilderness preservation is an issue that is in the news on an almost daily basis. 1-55110-944-1