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Vancouver cartoonist Rod Filbrandt is the author of Dry Shave (Anvil Press, 1998), a first book of his material from his syndicated comic strip that appeared in the Georgia Straight and Toronto's 'eye weekly' magazine. According to promotional material, "Dry Shave cracks open a hardboiled world of laconic lowlifes, pugnacious palookas, shiftless grifters and demented dames--with a tip of the pork-pie hat to Robert Mitchum."

In 2010, Anvil Press brought out Wombat: The Collected Comic Strip. The strip first ran in the Discorder, a UBC campus paper, in the early 1980s. According to promotional material, Wombat records the development of the strip and its characters from its nascent, raw stages on through various growth spurts to the amazingly polished strides of the early 1990s and finally to its sad and noir-ish end in 1994.

His current strip, Tar Paper Town, runs weekly in the Georgia Straight.

Dry Shave: a comic strip (Anvil, 1998) 1895636213 $12.95
Wombat: the collected comic strip (Anvil, 2010) 9781897535301 $16.00

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