LEHN, Cornelia

Retired in Chilliwack, Cornelia Lehn grew up on a Saskatchewan farm with a Mennonite background. After taking a Master's degree from the University of Iowa, she published four children's books. She has co-written the memoir of legendary northern Alberta Dr. Mary Percy Jackson, The Homemade Brass Plate, with a foreword by Grant MacEwan. Published by Helena Braun of Sardis, it's the story of Jackson's 45 years as a physician since she arrived at Battle River Prairie from England in 1929.

[BCBW 1992]

The Homemade Brass Plate

First-time publisher Helena Braun says it took only four months to sellout 3,000 copies of The Homemade Brass Plate (Cedar-Cott 45940 Collins Dr. Sardis V2R 2E2), the story of pioneer Dr. Mary Percy Jackson in northern Alberta, as told to Cornelia Lehn. The book on "the living legend of Keg River" was featured on Morningside in May and was largely marketed by direct mail. "Dr. Jackson was such a valiant woman and she has done so much for so many people," says Braun, '1 just felt somebody had to do this book."

[Summer/BCBW 1989]